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Who am I?

2013-01-10 01:46:22 by Futaz

Hello, I am new , and I am not so new. I've been around. I will be posting a series of Visual Novels and maybe Otome games. there's a  deviantArt account that publishes my games, so if you see my work on here, don't fret . It's just the artist ^_^ I have much work to do in order to improve my newest flash might be "Pink Password" also, did i mention that i'm a beginner?


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2014-03-25 23:36:09

O: no one's talked to you since last year, when you first starting working on Pink Password?
Welcome to Newgrounds :) Who knew you were here? If you write review every time you stop by, people get curious enough to check out the blog of the person who wrote it.

I trust you'll get some nice reviews, and that you'll be ready for the harsh ones. Congrats on your first submission!