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I'm still ALIVE!

2014-06-02 23:04:34 by Futaz

Hiya, "Then I will defy thy stars!" just a quote. Fret not! I am alive. I'm making progress; even on a monday!  Slowly but surely, It's hard for me to work on weekdays, ya know? But I shall! Not to procrastinate.

Pink Password progress so far:

  • Menu button added
  • Partial Yi's backstory
  • School arrival
  • Fun number code

    I also got my Pressure Sensitivity to work, so expect better artwork. (maybe T-T i'll try)

With that said, I bid you a good marrow.

              To much shakespeare.

Who am I?

2013-01-10 01:46:22 by Futaz

Hello, I am new , and I am not so new. I've been around. I will be posting a series of Visual Novels and maybe Otome games. there's a  deviantArt account that publishes my games, so if you see my work on here, don't fret . It's just the artist ^_^ I have much work to do in order to improve my newest flash might be "Pink Password" also, did i mention that i'm a beginner?